Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Time Is Growing - The Swedish Dance History is putting on weight

The Devil has occupied the body of David Dorfman, quite a look a like.

The Swedish Dance History is growing. The 1000 pages publication is pregnant due the 8th month. We have just made it to 14 hours. Fuck me, this is two days working days of listening to silly choreographers and dancers trying to use their brains. Yes, this is evidence to the assumption that dancers and choreographers is something more than a body. Make your own mind up and listen to some of the most poetic dope ever published on internet.

In the mean time lotion your ears with Rasmus Ölme's reading of the last page of The Swedish Dance History 2009.

Page 1034 read by Rasmus Ölme

The End Is Near - The Mother Fuckin' Armageddon

The Swedish Dance History did it again, the team brought on themselves an impossible task.
"-Dude, there is no way in hell that you can record and organize a 1000 pages of text in that short a time."
Well, fuck if we give up and shitgoddamn if we are stopping halfway. A new section of TSDH09 has been recorded on double locations, team Impulstanz is working it between workshops, shows and making out and the small but aggressive team in PAF has made progress to the extent where the endeavor will be classified as one of the worlds seven wonders. So far you can listen to six and a half hours of dance makers and doers reading from the bible of contemporary choreography and here comes and other chunk.
Mind you, The Swedish Dance History is very bad in one thing: to give up. It's simply not part of our vocabulary.

And hey tomorrow we will be there again with our recording devices, so hook up and make your contribution.

Page 469 read by Eleanor Bauer

Continuation, Page 479 read by Eleanor Bauer

Page 288 read by Josefine Wikström and Halla Olafsdottir

Continuation, page 306 read by Josefine Wikström and Halla Olafsdottir

Page 420 read by Anna Whaley

Page 485 read by Trajal Harrell

Page 213 read by Cecilia Bengolea

Page 141 read by Francois Chaignaud

Page 134 read by Joao Dos Santos Martins

Page 100 read by Louise Höjer

Page 94 read by Cecilia Bengolea

Page 91 read by Anat Eisenberg

Page 607 read by Diego Agullo

Page 609 read by Wojtek Ziemilski

Page 620 read by Kroot Juurak

Page 622 read by Jessica Lewis

Emma Kim Hagdahl reading from TSDH09 in the kitchen of PAF whilst making some wkd Mexican food.

Page 626 read by Laurence Wagner

Page 628 read by Zoe Salmon

Page 630 read by Zoe Salmon

Page 635 read by Anna Dwight

Continuation of page 635 read by Anna Dwight

Page 649 read by Emma Kim Hagdahl

Page 654 read by Owen Hoskins

Page 658 read by Perrine Bailleux

Page 622 read by Ulrika Berg

Page 663 read by Jan Ritsema

Page 664 read by Christian Töpfner

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Swedish Dance History Audio Even More Pages

The Swedish Dance History team Vienna needed some up tempo assistance to be able to cover some few hundred pages, so Kr66t Juurak kicked in and started to record the entire flock of artistic kids at PAF. Here some of the most upcoming evil dance and performance artists in the world started reading and do they do it good. No they are doing their job, and that they do G O O D.
Listen to the voices of a new paradigm, and check out Ulrika Berg ready to rock with a cheese grinder.

Page 558 read by Esthel Vogrig

Page 562 read by Marcus Doverud

Page 569 read by Anna Dwight

Page 574 read by Dmitry Paranyushkin

Page 579 read by DD Dorvillier

Page 579 read by Kroot Juurak

Page 581 read by Ben Evans

The Third Session After A Slight Jump in History

History isn't that linear and only the Swedish Dance History repeats itself - ehhh - not exactly but its always shiny silver and oh so sexy.
Listen to Atalanta Eke get down on Akseli Virtanen's Arbitrary Power, this 22 minutes of deep economical theory. Them girls from down under totally makes our day. The Swedish loves Australians. Goddamn.

Page 177 read by Atlanta Eke

Continuation page 182 read by Atlanta Eke

Continuation page 186 read by Atlanta Eke

Page 220 read by Meg Stuart

Page 462 read by Marcela Donato

Page 465 read by Marcela Donato

Page 518 read by Sara Lindström

Page 520 read by Gillie Kleiman

Page 524 read by Ji Hyun Youn

Page 527 read by Samuel Forsythe

Page 532 read by Enad Marouf

Page 542 read by Christian Töpfner

Page 549 read by Eva Maria Küpfer

Page 552 read by Berno Odo Polzer

Page 554 read by Ingrid Cogne